Wittmann Studios

Wittmann Studios, Denver, CO offers highly visual graphic recording and strategic illustration services to clients worldwide. 




Kriss Wittmann is a master strategic illustrator. Her extensive background in graphic arts, illustration, corporate training and higher education has given her the strong ability to visually capture tangible and abstract concepts that allow groups to "see" their challenges and create a clear path forward.  In her strategic illustrations Kriss synthesizes information and provides a visual representation in real time; creating large format maps with concepts and data that are generously immersed with illustrations.

Kriss shows up with an eye and ear for translating information.  She has a broad antenna to not only hear the content of the message but grasp what is not being said.  She is highly responsible, customer value-oriented,  with an approachable personality and an engaging artistic style.  She gives information visual legs that provides a group with a powerful thinking tool.  This “big picture” allows participants to quickly see and synthesize complex information while noticing patterns that develop breakthrough thinking.

Don't hesitate to connect with Kriss to discuss ways to engage your audience.  She is a powerful thinking partner in using pictures to enhance the experience of your participants.

Read more about Kriss' process and view examples of her work.