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It is time to

If I'm a morning lark, IT IS TIME TO....

morning....analytical work

early afternoon....administrative work

Late afternoon.....creative insight work

Daniel H. Pink's new book, WHEN: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, describes the 3 types of people in the world based on the rhythm of their day: Morning Larks, Middle Birds, Night Owls.  using these types, it is best to plan your work tasks to the best delivery time.

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Drink and draw

During the day we have rhythms to our work, according to Daniel H. Pink's book WHEN.  For a morning lark, like myself, I should do my analytical work in the morning, my admin work in the early afternoon and my insightful creative work in the late afternoon.  I think he forgot to mention that I should eat dark chocolate with nuts in the early evening.

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US Forest Service

Occasionally I like to go back and take a look at work that I have completed. Here are six illustrated maps I thought I would share. They were captured during 3 days of presentations and dialogue for the Chief's Review: US Forest Service Region 8.

Drawing experience from a client of Drink and Draw


Hi Kriss

Just wanted you to know that your influence is permeating across what I do. As a morning review, I find an artist in my class (there's always someone) and have them "graphically record" the topics we've covered. We add to the drawing each morning. It's fun, and we can showcase some talent too. This was a class last week called Lean Leader for a manufacturing company Gentex. The guy was timid at first. Then he really grabbed on and was enjoying the opportunity. Thank you for your wonderful influence...