Wittmann Studios

Wittmann Studios, Denver, CO offers highly visual graphic recording and strategic illustration services to clients worldwide. 

Drink and Draw


During this lighthearted training session, drawing skills are taught through short visual lessons, followed by lots of hands-on practice.  Students draw large using markers (erasing is not a focus) while Kriss coaches them through various images.  Kriss has developed multiple “cheat sheets” which everyone receives as part of the lesson.  She can create customized cheat sheets of images geared to participants’ interest and occupation.  The drawing sessions are often called Drink and Draw, as companies combine a drawing session with a happy hour and use the opportunity to gather people in a lighthearted atmosphere.  Participants can immediately apply their new skills as they communicate their ideas beyond the classroom. These sessions are jovial!  There is lots of laughter and ah-hahs, as people discover the artist inside of them.  

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