Wittmann Studios

Wittmann Studios, Denver, CO offers highly visual graphic recording and strategic illustration services to clients worldwide. 

Real Time Mapping


Real time maps are created during an event, with the strategic illustrator drawing the conference/presentation content, as it is being discussed. The end product becomes a lasting artifact of the experience. 


Before an Engagement
Focusing on the outcome, services are designed to add both value during and after the event. Partnering with design and facilitation teams the important content is identified and customized to each client through strategic illustration and the marrying of the meetings content and outcomes.

Presentations, conversations and decisions are captured in REAL TIME. Highly visible yet silently working on as large as 4' by 8' paper, the event is quickly and concisely captured using illustrations, words and connections in sync with the event's production team. The maps provide an overall picture of the event and galvanize a group's experience of the meeting's outcome. 

After the Event
The visual maps are completed (adding more color, borders, logos) and scanned. Once they are digitized into high resolution images they can then be easily shared.  The artwork is the client's property and can be used any way chosen. These images are highly valuable communication tools as well as becoming highly accessible to those who need to access the powerful message they provide.

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