Wittmann Studios

Wittmann Studios, Denver, CO offers highly visual graphic recording and strategic illustration services to clients worldwide. 

Designed Studio Mapping


Designed studio maps begin with a client’s idea for a message that they want to deliver (a vision, strategy, new process, etc.). These maps are co-created with an individual or team in conjunction with the strategic illustrator.  Often the message is connected to a metaphor. There are a series of sketches and approvals before the final map is created and delivered.


Formulating Structure
A conversation is started (often done via conference calls) about the map message and it's intended outcome.  Who is the audience? What are the key elements of the message?  What is the culture of the organization?  Metaphors are brainstormed as well as the structure of the map.

Creation of Sketches
In the studio, a sketch or sketches of the map layout are created and a scanned version is then delivered to the client.  The client socializes the map with others in their organization and feedback is then provided. 

Finalizing Map
Usually there are two to three iterations of the illustration until the final version is reached.  The client signs off and the final artwork is then created in the studio.  The artwork becomes the property of the client.

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