Wittmann Studios

Wittmann Studios, Denver, CO offers highly visual graphic recording and strategic illustration services to clients worldwide. 


After several months of work defining our strategic path forward, we engaged Kriss to turn our “engineeringish” outline into something easy to conceptualize.  She nailed it with a pictorial of our path forward that we are using every day now across our company.

Larry Faist

President | Sur-Seal®


There are many graphic recorders who can draw beautiful pictures and Kriss Wittmann is certainly one of these talented artists.  But there are two qualities that set her apart:  The first is her uncanny capacity to listen deeply to what is being said in a group and to quickly capture its essence. The second is her ability to be dropped into wildly different situations in terms of group size, culture, language, and physical space -- and to adapt with calm, flexibility, and grace.  That's why Kriss is my "go to" graphic recorder."

Larry Dressler
Founder, Blue Wing Consulting
Author, Standing in the Fire: Leading High Heat Meetings with Clarity, Calm, and Courage


In my kickoff sessions I generally review all of the key learning points from the previous day.  I have my own notes plus I have members of my staff send me the dots that they have collected.  It never fails that when I go over and review your visualrepresentation that you capture something that no one else does.  Simply amazing.

William W. Waldo
COO & President of the Americas, Lean Methods Group


Kriss Wittmann is a joy to work with in every respect. She is a consummate professional: responsive, organized, attentive to detail, flexible (and just plain fun!). We worked together on a fast-paced, challenging event – from the initial concept and planning to the execution and post-event follow-up. Kriss listened intently as complex conversations unfolded, then meaningfully translated those conversations so that the high-level concepts and the supporting details were successfully captured. The result was a series of posters that the client and its partner organizations can use to benchmark their success. Kriss is indeed a master strategic illustrator!

Linda Tate PhD


Kriss, words cannot express how grateful to you we are.

Thank you for agreeing to capture this momentous gathering of a Social Book Club.
You added so much to the discussion, your skills and expertise in strategic illustration synthesize the discussion, in such an amazing way it was an innovative way of creating a safe place for dialogue.

Not only, did you volunteer your service, your passion and heartbeat for the community resonated throughout the entire discussion.  We feel honored to have made such a great connection with you. 

James Allen Davis Jr.

Librarian / Central Library
Burnham Hoyt Dept


Thank you for your work in capturing the flow of our leadership course through your talents as an artist. We cover a lot and while we can take notes, it isn't always fast to dig through our material.

Your visual maps are an incredible tool that bring back to life the conversations and lessons of the leadership class. One can quickly review the knowledge shared and discussions of each day. I feel like the classes lessons will last longer and continue to grow because your map lets you relive it's impact.

Chip K.
U.S. National Security Agency (NSA)


Kriss’s services have added tremendous value for us. She is an extraordinary listener. She has worked on many projects and the teams she works with are always impressed with her ability to quickly understand our complex aerospace industry and create visual representations. Her work provides a valuable communication tool to clarify a concept, direction, strategy, or vision. The maps have supported creating shared meaning, getting people aligned, on the same page and able to move forward together. Working with Kriss is a pleasure.

Paul Gleiberman  
Organization Learning and Innovation
The Boeing Company


When I first heard that we were having an artist to document our discussions, I thought -- what a freakin waste of money. After seeing your artistic depiction of what was discussed, it was an awesome pictorial summary of three days of information captured on three murals that told the story.  I look forward to seeing (getting) copies of these so I can use them as a reminder for what I learned, and as reference as I continue to share my leadership experiences and to use as I continue to grow.

Kriss, thank you for sharing with us your talent as a translator artist.

Gary L. 
U.S. National Security Agency (NSA)

The Denver Lions Foundation had the good fortune of having Kriss Wittman assist with her graphic recording talents at our recent meeting. Her drawings added special meaning to what otherwise could easily have been a tedious and boring program.

It is truly amazing how she listens and translates proceedings onto paper. The produced graph provided a for a summation discussion and will be treasured by the Lions, and displayed prominently on our Lions website.

Larry W. 
Denver Lions Foundation